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"The music is innovative. Your show is rousing."

Claudio “Clex” Cueni, sound engineer 2PAC & Little Simz

"Finally something new that makes you want more."

Tommy Vetterli, producer & guitarist Coroner


We are party rock. We celebrate life! QUANTUM invites you to become your own rock star.

4 guys from Zurich to Landquart who love to party, rock and mix what they love.


A celebration is like a trip to the moon. First the ground is pulled out from under your feet and then it's full speed towards weightlessness. Prosecco in the mosh pit. Raven and headbanging. Dance battles in front of confetti cannons.

Everyone is welcome. The more colorful the better.


A unique symbiosis of electronic dance music (EDM) and rock. It's not unreasonable to compare them with acts like Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park or Bring Me The Horizon. In terms of content, they use topics directly from life, although a pinch of humor and confidence should never be missing. Other influences AC/DC, Scooter, Rudimentals, Jackson Five, Electric Callboy, Billie Eilish - you name it.


3rd place at the SPH band contest and collaboration with various greats from the Swiss music business, such as Claudio Cueni (2Pac, little Simz) and Tommy Vetterli (Eluveitie, Coroner)


The band was founded in 2018 and has regrouped for 2024 to conquer the party rock Olympus. Because it's time to bring rock into the 21st century and make concert halls the cultural epicenters again.


Tech Rider


Bass: Domi Klaric

Guitar: Freddy Jones

Drums: Nando Däscher

Vocals: Rob Egli

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