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"The music is innovative. Their show is intoxicating.
The boys are my secret tip. "

Claudio "Clex" Cueni, sound engineer 2PAC & Little Simz

"QUANTUM is refreshingly different."

Tommy Vetterli, producer & guitarist Coroner

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QUANTUM stands for emotions. Energetic and limitless.

QUANTUM can't be classified and that's a good thing.

The focus is not on the genre, but on the experience.

 music Generes are widely fused be it from electro to metal to hip hop.

Who worships Bring me the Horizon, Linkin Park, MUSE or Yungblud,

will love QUANTUM.



A QUANTUM show is like a trip to the moon.

Full speed into weightlessness.
Everyone is welcome.
The more colorful the better.

Lets Celebrate Life. 

DESPERATE(LY)_Single Cover
Single Cover - ABSOLUT
LIVE!_QUANTUM_Single Cover


QUANTUM's songs are about joie de vivre and confidence in a world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your own place.

“We are a motley, colorful bunch that has managed to function. This is exactly what happened with our music:

It has become versatile and modern, while our origins remain unmistakable.”

- Kay Mangold, drummer



Left to right

Drums = Kay Mangold

Bass = Domagoj Klaric

Vocals = Rob Egli

Guitar = Amon Johannesson

Guitar = Stefan Kostic

Founded = 2018

Place of foundation = Zurich, CH

Genre = Crossover

Label = Independent

Booking = Independent

Spurred on by 3rd place from over 100 participating bands at the SPH Music Masters and the unforgettable concert series 2019/20, the band used the corona standstill creatively.

Together with the sound engineers and producers Claudio Cueni and Tommy Vetterli, the five guys produced five singles including music videos, which were released in the course of 2021/22.

QUANTUM is currently Celebrating on various stages in Central Europe.



past celebrations


Tech Rider

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